Collected Papers

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This is a collection of papers relevant to the blog; several blog entries refer to the articles below. These are at present listed in alphabetic order by first author, but categories and an index may follow if this list gets long.
  • "link" indicates a web address where the paper itself can be found
  • "blog" points to a blog post about the paper
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  • * indicates an original publication at Reformed Academic
Robert Alter -- see T. DeJong (May 2011)
*Rick Baartman (August 2009) "A Global Warming Primer" - link blog alt
*Rick Baartman (June 2010) "Science and Ideology: A Response" - link blog alt
Jim Belcher -- see Oosterhoff 2009
*Christina Belcher (16 April 2011) Review of McGrath, The passionate intellect: Christian faith and the discipleship of the mind - link blog
Angela Rietsma Bick (April 2009) "At arm's length: The interaction of science and faith" (interview with Jitse van der Meer), Christian Courier n. 2861 p. 7 - link blog
Phillip Broussard (2003) "A Reformed View of Fictionalism and Antirealism in the Sciences" (unpublished) - link blog
Phillip Broussard (2008) "Is Realism Viable in the Midst of Physics and Philosophy?" (unpublished) - link blog
Byl -- See Collins 2003. See Young 1987.
David Campbell, Lyle D. Campbell, Chip Cates, Gregg Davidson, Keith Long, Richard F. Mercer, Kent Ratajeski, Davis A. Young (May/June 2010) "PCA Geologists on the Antiquity of the Earth" Modern Reformation v 19 n 3 pp 6-9 - link
Clark -- See D. DeJong 2010
F. Collins -- see Jelsma 2008
*C. John Collins (November 2009) Review of John Walton, The Lost World Of Genesis One: Ancient Cosmology And The Origins Debate - link blog
C. John Collins (Spring 2003) Review of John Byl, God and Cosmos (published as Presbyterion: Covenant Seminary Review v 29 n 1 pp 56-59 (used with permission) - link
Andy Crouch (2011) "What I Wish My Pastor Knew About…The Life of a Scientist" - link blog
*David DeJong (May 2010) Review of R. Scott Clark, Recovering the Reformed Confession: Our Theology, Piety, and Practice - link blog
*Tim DeJong (November 2010) Review of Marilynne Robinson, Absence of Mind: The Dispelling of Inwardness from the Modern Myth of the Self - link blog
*Tim DeJong (May 2011) Review of Robert Alter, Pen of Iron: American Prose and the King James Bible - link blog
Patrick Franklin (2009-2010) "Teaching, Scholarship, and Christian Worldview: A Review of Recent Literature" McMaster Journal of Theology and Ministry v 11 pp 28–61 - link
Galileo Galilei (1615), "Letter to Madame Christina of Lorraine, Grand Duchess of Tuscany: Concerning the Use of Biblical Quotations in Matters of Science" - link
David W. Hall and Marvin Padgett (eds.), Calvin and Culture: Exploring a Worldview (P&R Publishing, 2010) - blog
Roger D. Henderson and Arnold E. Sikkema (2002) Review of Alister McGrath, A Scientific Theology, Vol. I: Nature, Pro Rege v. 30 n. 4 pp. 33-35 - link
Holtvl├╝wer -- see J. Smith (2011)
Tony Jelsma (March 2008) Review of Francis Collins, The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief, Pro Rege v. 36 n. 3 pp. 41-42 - link alt
*Tony Jelsma (April 2009) "Is Creation Science Reformed?" - link blog
Tony Jelsma (March 2010) Review of Jacob Klapwijk, Purpose in the Living World? and Stephen C. Meyer, Signature in the Cell, Pro Rege v. 38 n. 3 pp. 29-32 - link blog alt
Tim Keller (November 2009) "Creation, Evolution, and Christian Laypeople" (paper from the BioLogos 2009 workshop) - link
Klapwijk -- see Jelsma 2010
McGrath -- see Henderson & Sikkema 2002
McGrath -- see Belcher 2011
Metaxas -- see Oosterhoff 2010
Meyer -- see Jelsma 2010
Morris -- see Sikkema 2007
F.G. Oosterhoff (2002) "Faith and Science in the Reformed Tradition" Clarion, v. 51 n. 4 pp. 84-87
F.G. Oosterhoff (2003) "Klaas Schilder on Creation and Flood" in Clarion v. 52 - link blog
     Part 1: n. 6 pp. 137-140
     Part 2: n. 7 pp. 161-164
F.G. Oosterhoff (2003) "Genesis 1 in Context" in Clarion v. 52 - link blog
     Part 1: n. 16 pp. 378-381
     Part 2: n. 17 pp. 401-403
     Part 3: n. 18 pp. 422-404
F.G. Oosterhoff (2006) "Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Pastor, Disciple, Martyr, 1906-1945" in Clarion, v. 55 - link
     Part 1: n. 16 pp. 482-485
     Part 2: n. 17 pp. 583-586
     Part 3: Year End Issue pp. 613-616
F.G. Oosterhoff (27 February 2009) "Remembering Creation (1): Caring for the Environment", review of Scott Hoezee, Remember Creation: God's World of Wonder and Delight, in Clarion v. 58 n. 5 pp. 110-112 - link
F.G. Oosterhoff (27 March 2009) "Remembering Creation (2): The Gift of Modern Science", review of Scott Hoezee, Proclaim the Wonder: Engaging Science on Sunday, in Clarion v. 58 n. 7 pp. 162-164 - link
F.G. Oosterhoff (September-November 2004) "How Do We Read the Bible?" in Clarion v. 53 - link
     Part 1: n. 17 pp. 438-441
     Part 2: n. 19 pp. 462-465
     Part 3: n. 20 pp. 488-491
     Part 4: n. 21 pp. 510-513
     Part 5: n. 22 pp. 543-547
     Part 6: n. 23 pp. 566-569
*F.G. Oosterhoff (May 2009) "Evolutionary Explanations of the Bible" - link blog
     Parts 1, 2, 3
*F.G. Oosterhoff (June 2009) "Young-Earth Creationism: A History" - link blog
*F.G. Oosterhoff (October 2009) "Teaching Evolution At Our Schools – Why And How" - link blog
*F.G. Oosterhoff (December 2009) Review of Jim Belcher, Deep Church: A Third Way Between Emerging And Traditional - link blog
*F.G. Oosterhoff (July 2010) Review of James K.A. Smith, Desiring the Kingdom: Worship, Worldview, and Cultural Formation - link blog
*F.G. Oosterhoff (September 2010) Review of Metaxas, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy: A Righteous Gentile vs. the Third Reich - link blog
*F.G. Oosterhoff (November 2010) Review of Wright, After You Believe: Why Christian Character Matters - link blog
*Richard J. Oosterhoff (20 April 2011) Review of Van Vliet, Children of God: The Imago Dei in John Calvin and His Context - link blog
J.I. Packer "Creation, Evolution & problems", 15th lecture in a series at Regent College titled The Attributes of God - link alt
Petcher -- see Sikkema 2007
Poythress -- see VanWoudenberg Sikkema 2010
Regional Synod East (2013, 2015), Acts (decisions regarding van der Meer, Sikkema, and an overture to change the Belgic Confession) - link
Robinson -- see T. DeJong 2010
Max Rogland (2001) "Ad Litteram: Some Dutch Reformed Theologians on the Creation Days", Westminster Theological Journal v. 63 n. 2 pp. 211-233
Arnold E. Sikkema (2001) "Death of the Watchmaker: Modern Science and the Providence of God", Chapter 5 (pp. 97-108) of Hans Boersma, ed., Living in the LambLight: Christianity and Contemporary Challenges to the Gospel (Vancouver: Regent College Publishing) - link
Arnold E. Sikkema (2001) "Science: A Cultural Activity", Reformed Perspective v. 20 n. 3 pp. 28-9 - link blog
Arnold E. Sikkema (2005) "A Physicist's Reformed Critique of Nonreductive Physicalism and Emergence", Pro Rege v. 33 n. 4 pp. 20-32 - link blog
Arnold E. Sikkema (2007) Review of Tim Morris & Don Petcher, Science & Grace: God's Reign in the Natural Sciences, Pro Rege v. 35 n. 3 pp. 42-43 - link
Arnold E. Sikkema (2007) "Laws of Nature and God's Word for Creation", Fideles v. 2 pp. 27-43 - link blog
Arnold E. Sikkema (2011) Review of Stephen Hawking & Leonard Mlodinow, The Grand Design, Perspectives on Science & Christian Faith v. 63 n. 2 (June 2011) pp. 132-3 - link alt blog
James K.A. Smith -- see Oosterhoff (2010)
*John Smith (June 2011) Review of Peter Holtvl├╝wer, Foundations: Sermons on Genesis 1-3 - link blog
*Ben Vandergugten (August 2009) "The Waters Above the Firmament" - link blog
*Jitse van der Meer (July 2009) "Marcus Borg: the Tragedy of Reaction" - link blog
*Jitse van der Meer (July 2010) "Ideology and Science" - link blog
*Jitse van der Meer (April 2013), "Infallibility and Inerrancy in the Canadian and American Reformed Churches" - link blog
*Jitse van der Meer, Tony Jelsma, Freda Oosterhoff, and Arnold Sikkema (April 2010) "Reformed Academic Responds to ‘Ten Reasons’" - link blog
VanVliet -- see R.J. Oosterhoff (2011)
*Francine VanWoudenberg Sikkema (14 September 2010) Review of Vern Poythress, In The Beginning Was The Word: Language—A God-Centered Approach - link blog
*Pieter Vos, "A Virtue-Ethical Approach to Education" (11 April 2011) - link blog
Peter J. Wallace (n.d.) Essays on Creation in his Ecclesiastical Essays - link blog 
  1. Peter J. Wallace (2000) “Evening and Morning” - link 
  2. Peter J. Wallace (2002) “The Archetypal Week: A Defense of the Analogical Day View” - link 
  3. Peter J. Wallace (2001) “Day One: Three Studies on the Biblical Usage of the Word and Concept of Day” - link 
  4. Peter J. Wallace (2000) “Do We Live on a Flat Earth with a Solid Dome Over It?” - link 
  5. Peter J. Wallace (n.d.) “The Doctrine of Creation in the History of the Church” - link blog
Walton -- see Collins 2009
Wright -- see Oosterhoff 2010
Davis A. Young (1987) “Scripture in the Hands of Geologists”, Westminster Theological Journal, v. 49 pp. 1-34, 257-304. Followed by John Byl, “Scripture and Geologists”, Westminster Theological Journal, v. 51 (1989) pp. 143-152; Davis A. Young, “Scripture and Geologists: A Reply to John Byl”, pp. 377-387 - link
John Zwart (September 2009) "Science and John Calvin: A Review Essay", Pro Rege v. 38 n. 1 pp. 27-31 - link blog alt