Friday, February 17, 2012

WTS conference on science and faith

A couple of years ago, I alerted our readers of what appeared to me to be a valuable conference.

I am now repeating that alert, because Westminster Theological Seminary (Philadelphia) is now hosting (alongside the Discovery Institute) their third annual Westminster Conference on Science and Faith. That seminary is firmly in the Reformed tradition, and is to be commended for not shying away from dealing with matters that in our circles are routinely studiously ignored or at best treated superficially and dismissively.

This gathering affords university & seminary students, pastors, and elders the significant opportunity of a pivotal road trip. Let me encourage church members in southern Ontario to not let them miss out; instead, give them the weekend off (no preaching when they return), put some gas and restaurant money into their hands, pay their hotel and registration fees, and send them off with your blessing and prayers.

Here are the opening lines of the conference announcement:

Does modern biology support or undercut human uniqueness? Are the discoveries of brain research compatible with personal responsibility? What does it really mean to be “created in the image of God?” And what are the social and ethical implications of our view of the human person?

Given the list of speakers and topics involved, it’s not likely that attendees will be pressured to accept evolution, in case you are concerned about that. We would be glad to hear of your experiences upon your return.