Thursday, February 4, 2010

Response to Clarion coming

Our readers who also read Clarion will no doubt have noticed a significant effort by several writers in that unofficial organ of the Canadian Reformed churches to oppose evolution and/or promote the views of scientific creationists.

Be assured that we are well aware of significant problems in the positions taken by many of these writers, including their perception and subsequent portrayal of our own positions. First and foremost among these is a continuing lack of engagement of the distinction between evolution as a biological theory and evolutionism as an all encompassing philosophical worldview. Second is the misperception that we are attempting to use results of modern science to force a reinterpretation of Scripture. Third is a complete failure to face matters of Biblical and scientific hermeneutics, that is, the interpretation of Scripture and creation. Fourth is a troubling reliance upon the dubious though ever popular rhetoric of young-earth creationist organizations.

We expect in the next month or so, as time permits, to set the record straight by articulating these and other points in more detail, for the sake of the gospel and the advancement of God’s Kingdom for His glory, perhaps by means of responses in Clarion but also on this blog itself. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, your comments and E-mail responses to this blog entry are most welcome. Please be aware that we will likely not respond to many comments in detail --- after all we are drafting our detailed replies --- but we would appreciate hearing what our readers think about what’s transpired in Clarion.

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