Thursday, April 23, 2009

Posting Comments Now Fixed

Today we fixed a problem (thanks, John!) which may have affected you. (We know it affects Mac Firefox users, for example.)

If you have submitted a comment, but it hasn't appeared, be assured it's not because of censorship. Please re-submit your comments (remembering to use your real first and last name of course). We want to encourage an open and honest discussion. We welcome all feedback, although we can't promise to answer all questions immediately. We will post questions and comments even if we can't answer them. You may also E-mail questions to us if you don't want to post a specific comment on an existing post. (Maybe you have a question about a topic we haven't covered, like philosophy of education, or mass communication.)

Three of us are currently busy marking papers and exams as the semester wraps up. Thanks for your feedback and your patience!

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Reformed Academic said...

Please note further that we actually need a full name (first and last) to approve a comment. If you submitted a comment only with your first name, it will not be approved.